Bargain Bin

Please Note – All orders from Monday the 20/12/2021 to Wednesday 6/1/2022 will be posted on Thursday 7/1/2022. Thank you.

These are bargain priced lures which have a minor imperfection in the paint, could be a run mark, slight blotching with colours, or paint finish just not to the high standard I normally present. You may also find a variety of lure colours not within my standard range of colours. I do paint varying colours for a number of different reasons & will place some of these lures in the bargain bin for sale to the public. Please be aware that all lures including those that have the minor paint imperfection are still tank tested & prepared for sale the same as all other lures we make.

  1. Hi Corey
    Sorry for the late reply mate but I thought I had replied to you.
    Yes we still do spinner baits.
    Apologies, Dave